Maren "Marty" KnowlesI grew up with cats and dogs and have been an animal lover all of my life. I have done pet care on a part time basis for many years, primarily for friends and family. I spend 25 years in the mortgage business. In 2007 the company I worked for closed as a result of the sub-prime crises. Of course I found myself unemployed. By that time the whole housing industry was depressed, so I was not able to find suitable employment. I began thinking of options and decided to follow my passion, which was pet care. My goal is to treat each pet with all the love and care that I do my own.

Thank God for our pets. In this tough world we live in, they offer a respite from the stress of simply "living". They are always there to greet us with their unconditional love signified with a wag of the tail, a subtle purr, or even outright glee. No matter how long we've been gone, no matter if we forgot to say goodbye, and no matter if the last words they heard from us were harsh...still they wait faithfully. Sadly, today's reality is that we're required to spend even more time away from them. Those of us lucky to still retain employment must work longer hours as companies ask for more from the few. And our cherished vacations, while necessary for our sanity, leave our trusted friends alone just a bit longer. 

That's where I Love Pet By Marti comes in. I, too, am a proud pet parent and I, too, have lived with the pressures of a demanding career. My wonderful job today is to be a surrogate "pet parent" in your absence. My job is to first befriend the four-legged members of your family and secondly to offer you peace of mind as you spend the necessary time away from them. No matter if you're leaving for a long day of work, a weekend getaway, or even a week long can depend on me to walk, pet, feed, and love them as if they were my own. 

Angie's List
Winner of the Angie's List "Super Service Award" 2009 & 2010! :)

Member of the Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership